About us

RG Bros Studio (previously known as RG and RG Production) is an independent studio founded in 2011, in the Russian town of Perm, as a personal creative initiative of the Khismatullin brothers: Rail Gabdulkhakovich and Rinat Gabdulkhakovich.

The first projects undertaken by RG Bros were documentaries and TV programmes. It took part in creating such videos as Little Brother (2011) and The Best Mom in the World (2014), providing promotional opportunities to commercial companies.

Since 2014, RG Bros Studio has been involved in the production of the animated Beeography series, designed as a family video, with a special appeal to preschool and primary school children. The series of educational episodes tells us about the adventures of the girl called Renata and her friend the Bee. The audience in Russia appreciated the dynamic, intriguing plot, memorable songs and rhymes. Rail Khismatullin became the General Producer of the series, and Rinat Khismatullin became the author of the screenplay and Executive Producer.

The Beeography team includes the Artistic Director (Sergey Kurchenko), the Sound Director (Vyacheslav Mertsalov), Animation Artists (Sergey and Olga Kurchenko), Dubbing Actors (Tatiana Moshkova, Lada Mertsalova and others). RG Bros Studio also cooperates with well-known actors and singers. For example, Mikhail Smirnov, finalist of the Russian Voice Kids-2015 show, and representative of Russia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2015.

In 2016 the series was renamed to Beeography, Flying Adventure. It means that the story now has more action and adventures, with colourful animation making the educational aspects of the video more entertaining and memorable.